QoS and bandwidth prioritising

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QoS and bandwidth prioritising

I want to be able to prioritise bandwidth so that there is a more even spread across my computer and Xbox when gaming. Currently if I am downloading or watching streamed content / YouTube etc it affects gameplay on the Xbox - I don't really understand why as we are getting an average 7 to 8 meg download speed, but there we are!


ive been looking this up and it seems I need to adjust the QoS settings in the router but I can't find any reference to QoS in the Sagem router menu.


Where can I find it, or how can I get around this problem?

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Hi   sky routers dont have QoS settings available   TBH,...



sky routers dont have QoS settings available


TBH, you cant really expect to get excellent gaming response times AND streem a video at the same time - both require constant stream of data so your gaming is likely to be affected - gaming doesnt rely on speed, it relies on latency (routers and network devices being able to respond instantly & constantly many many times per second, every second) - you can game on a 0.5Mb connection as long as the latency is good.


some online games require more responses and therefore affected more by poor latency, some games dont and maybe less affected - this means it may be possible to play SOME games while someone else uses the internet and other games you just cant.


you should look to switching to Fibre broadband which has ultra low latency


QoS may help a little, but not much in my opinion, QoS will just restrict a percenatge of available throughput , it can not restrict throughput in a manner to keep latency constantly low.

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