Programs not loading, just getting white box

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Programs not loading, just getting white box

I used sky go for a few weeks with no problems, but recently when I have tried to watch programs, instead of the box usually displaying the programs I have just seen a white box and nothing will load.  I tried unregistering the device, but now need to start watching to reregister it, and cannot do so while the programs won't load.

I am using a mac, and have silverlight installed. Can anyone help? 

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Re: Programs not loading, just getting white box

It could be a Silverlight issue so you could try unistallintg it, rebooting your mac and installing silverlight again via the sky go website as you should prompt you to install it again. Be aware though that doing this will remove your mac as a registered device and you might have to wait a month before you can watch something again if doing this fixes this problem.


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