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Accepted Solution

Profile Change Required please

Router Statistics


ADSL Link Downstream Upstream Connection Speed Line Attenuation Noise Margin
2041 kbps604 kbps



Only been with sky unlimited since Nov 14th 2010 and download speed was at the best I ever get with any provider

 past and present at just over 3mb.

There have been quite a number of line drops in the short time with sky and I'm guessing that the auto system kicked in and changed my connection to what it thinks is more stable one because of so many line drops.


The download has dropped by 1mb and more at times over the last 7 days


Downloading a file of say 100mb was downloading at 300.15 KB/s but is now dropped by a third of that speed and is not acceptable drop.



I have been using internet for  many many years and been with other providers where this has happened on a number of occasions but this is first time with sky as only been member for short time.



I have done all usual textbook scripted checks and have checked and changed lines, filters etc (ALL IS GOOD HERE). and all of my systems are virus free.



To save time and the many replies with non esential info because the problem is not at my end, can Sky official techie please check if my profile has been changed recently and try one around the 9db area.



Thankyou and all the best for xmas.


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Re: Profile Change Required please

Hi skytiny, Please contact the Broadband Customer Help team to discuss this further. We don't assist with account specific issues on the forum as personal details cannot be posted.

Please do not post any personal details or account information. Please use plain text.