Problems with Both Sky boxes

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Problems with Both Sky boxes

I have a main SKY HD box and a multiroom SKY+ box, they have developed the following problems in the last two weeks,


SKY HD box

Will not record items on the planner, status FAILED


SKY+ box

No sound, on random channels or Blue screen and full sound


The installation is only six weeks old and includes a brand new dish and LNB but boxes are approx. 2 years old, any suggestions on what could have caused this?


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Re: Problems with Both Sky boxes

Make & Model of both boxes?

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Re: Problems with Both Sky boxes

Hi paulcat99,


I'm sorry to read that you are having issues with both your boxes. Do you know the reason for your failed recordings? If not then if you highlight failed recording in planner and press the "i" button it will give the the failed reason.


With your Sky+ box have you tried turning the SCART cable around or trying a different SCART?

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