Problem with Sky Card

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Problem with Sky Card

We have two Sky boxes, with their own separate subscriptions.... However, from time-to-time we swap cards about as one has more channels on it. 


But the last week or so, the card with less channels on it has been 'playing up' saying that we need to upgrade our subscription when we put it into its paired box.  The subscription is up-to-date for cards, AFAICR. 


I've put the card with more channels into its paired box and works fine. 


Any suggestions?  Have Sky caught on that I've been a naughty boy and watching movies in bed, instead of in the lounge???



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Re: Problem with Sky Card

Good Afternoon Locutus60.


Thank you for your first post to the community and welcome to the Sky Help Forum.


By reading your post it seems there has been an update and your card has been married to your box which means you will not be able to swap around the cards to watch on a different box.


Have you though about adding the multiroom subscription onto your account then only having the one bill coming into the property? If you did this you would have the same channels on the multiroom box?


You would safe money each and every month by doing this.


Kind Regards

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