Press Play button to return to planner

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Press Play button to return to planner

Noticed my Sky+ HD (Samsung) box started behaving differently last night. Have they released new software ?
When I pressed the play button the planner came up but normally this would take me to the last played recording.
Now the button just takes me to the top of the planner, thus I have to scroll all the way through to the programme I was last watching
I seem to remember when they updated the EPG that this was the behaviour but that it was improved by a later release. Looks like they have reverted back. I can’t find any options in the settings to adjust this

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Re: Press Play button to return to planner

Pressing the play button should still take you back to your last viewed recording in the planner. However if this has since been deleated then it will take you to the beginning of the planner.

If the program hasn't been deleated and pressing play is still taking you to the start of the planner then reboot your sky box.
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