Poor quality on Sky Go

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Poor quality on Sky Go

The viewing quality on SkyGO never seems to get better than 2 bars..!! A recent update has removed the option to select the viewing quality.. this is now just 'Auto'.


I have Virgin cable broadband on a 60Mb speed and my viewing PC is plugged directly into the router.

The PC has a fast Quad core processor and dual high-end graphics cards.

Nothing else is using broadband bandwidth.


Please explain why Sky removed the option to select the quality and WHY the streaming service is SO BAD..!!

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I am experiencing exactly the same, also on a superfast o...

I am experiencing exactly the same, also on a superfast optic fibre cable connection and dedicated to the Win 8 PC that I am using to view.  I recall watching a channel at the weekend where the Quality was automatically set to "High" (with 4 or 5 bar connection) and a picture to match.  But as soon as I try to watch sports, movie or other interesting channels, the Quality is set to "Auto" with a connection of 1 or 2 bars and a fuzzy picture that is really not good enough for watching sport.  I have followed the various instructions given in the general advice pages.  I cannot update Silverlight because I am (apparently) already running the latest version and in any case, this is automatically updated by Windows Update.  In fact, I can get better quality streams elsewhere for much less and will obviously need to review my Sky Go subscription.  I can see from various posts that this has been a long term problem and nothing seems to have been done about it.  

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