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Planner instructions

Where are the instructions for the planner please - like what 'lock' and 'keep' actually mean.
Also how many programmes should we be able to record simultaneously? I can only do 1(whilst watching) due to single cable apparantly.
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Re: Planner instructions

Hi Keep is so you can not delete with out a password. Lock you will need a password to watch it. but can delete it. If you have single feed you recored one and watch one at the same time. if had dual feed you can watch one recorded and recored two at the same time. Thanks Sean
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Re: Planner instructions

Thanks for the answer so far. Do you mean with single feed I can record one and watch one recorded or watch one live? I don't think it allows me to watch something else live while it's recording.
Also where can I find these explanations/ instructions online. Thanks
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Re: Planner instructions

With single feed you can only record one channel and you will be unable to either record a second one at the same time or watch another channel at the same time as doing either of these would require a second feed to be installed.


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