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Pay Per View Movie - when not subscribed to movies?



I recently came back to sky, I used to have the full package, so never had an issue with pay per view movies. Ive now just got the Entertainment Plus package. 


The guy that installed it last week said that I should not buy pay per view movies or sport because I don't subscribe to them in my package, and that if I did then I'd get charged but it wouldn't work to watch.


Is this true? I can't find anything on Sky that says that, and think if it's true then Sky are missing a trick because there is no way I will pay now for the movie package but I would buy the odd film! 



Thanks for any advice



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Re: Pay Per View Movie - when not subscribed to movies?

He is speaking nosense as you can still buy odd films from the sky store (previoulsy called Sky Box Office) and subscribe to any pay per view sporting event.


For further reading have a look here:


"Do I need to be a Sky Movies customer to rent in the Sky Store ?


No, all Sky TV customers can rent movies on a pay-per-view basis, you don't need to subscribe to Sky Movies."


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Re: Pay Per View Movie - when not subscribed to movies?

thats great, thank you so much for the link (that I couldn't find Smiley Embarassed )


I thought at the time it sounded crazy but was too worried too try it and lose the money!