On demand not working

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On demand not working

Hi, recently updraded to sky anytime plus/on demand but only getting last weeks shows Not the full range of on demand stuff, B/band wired connecting ok, network settings ok although in network tab it says local connection ok but service connection fail, any advice really welcome,thanks.

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Re: On demand not working

Hi Joshabi,


As this is your first post I would like to welcome you to the forum Smiley Happy


Can you let me know the following information so we can assist further?


  • How did you activate the Anytime+ service (online or via our contact centres)
  • How many Sky+/Sky+HD boxes do you have in the home
  • How is the box connected to the router (ethernet cable, wireless connector or another connection method)
  • Who is your broadband provider
  • What is the make and model of the router


I look forward to hearing from you.



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Re: On demand not working

its my demand box,its just stopped working,its just showing one blue light,as you know it needs both blue lights on. its done this a few times before, and all i had to do was to pull out the two leads from the back ,then replace them.and all was well and working,but  now its still not working i have checked all the connections to the router and that is about my limit,is it the box or is it something i am missing. the box is only new, a year old at most. can you help. many thanks. 

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