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On Demand Subtitles

I have just installed the wireless connector for On Demand and it works fine. The problem I have is that non of the various programmes/films have subtitles when the subtitle appliction is on.

Yet before I went to the on line version I could get subtitles for all the programmes which support subtitles.

I have just looked at the film J Edgar which I recorded prior to going wireless and it had subtitles. I have now looked at J Edgar using the wireless on demand and there are no subtitles? As my wife is deaf and relies on the subtitles is there any thing I can do to get subtitles with the wireless On Demand?



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Re: On Demand Subtitles

Hi Mcardill,


Thanks for posting and welcome,


Sorry but at this moment subtitles through On Demand are unavailable, we have passed this feedback onto the most relevant department.



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Re: On Demand Subtitles

I wish this had been explained in the information about On Demand before I bought the WiFi equipment. I have just wasted £21.95!!!!

Sorry Sky but I feel I have been let down very badly.

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Re: On Demand Subtitles

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Hey Everyone,


I have locked this thread due to being a duplicate and there being a more active thread. Please continue the discussion here: