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On Demand 4oD missing Marvel Agents of Shield


Last week I watched Marvel Agents of Shield on Demand.

And I go to catch up from Fridays episode but can't find it anywhere. Tried the search option also but nothing.

I've gone onto 4oD online and they have the episode on it, so why is it not showing up in the on demand on the sky box like it used to?

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Re: On Demand 4oD missing Marvel Agents of Shield

It's probably taking longer than it did last week for the broadcaster of that show (Channel 4) to make the next episode available via Sky On Demand. Another possibly is that something has gone wrong in the whole process, either at the Channel 4 end or at the Sky end, which has caused it to not yet appear in the On Demand listings.

In the meantime, episode 4 is on 4seven at 8pm tonight. Maybe it will become available On Demand sometime afterwards.
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Re: On Demand 4oD missing Marvel Agents of Shield

Thanks, thought I would have to watch it on my phone! Such a pain that it used to be on there but now it isn't. Hope they sort it soon!
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Re: On Demand 4oD missing Marvel Agents of Shield

Great to see a new face being helped on our Community arileo, speedyrite is right on the money here Smiley Happy


We don't have any influence on when content from Channel 4 is added to On Demand, we add it as soon as it's made available to us. In some cases, this can take a little bit longer than in previous weeks depending on the licensing agreements with the rights holders.


Rest assured, as soon as it's available, it'll be added to On Demand.


Hope you managed to catch the airing on 4seven, if not, keep an eye on it being added to On Demand.


If you need anything else cleared up, you know where we are so don't hesitate to give us a shout.