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No sound on sky movie channels

Hi there I have no sound in channels 301-312 all the movie channels. I have tried previous suggestions like setting the HDMI sound to normal and have gone through all the troubleshooting. Please help Smiley Sad
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Re: No sound on sky movie channels

Hi there,


I had the same problem only with movies and with the new BT sport HD. (all other channels were fine)


Try going into settings and sound and change the audio output to "normal"


Both my optical and HDMI were set to "DOLBY D"  I only changed the optical and its working fine now.


Something this simple worked for me, hopefully you will have the same result.  PS just remember to save setting.



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Re: No sound on sky movie channels

Thank goodness for your reply....I was having the same issue with no sound on the movie channels and your solution worked. The only difference was that I had to change the HDMI to Normal.


Happy days Smiley Happy