No satellite signal been received error code 28 or 29 only on certain channels

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No satellite signal been received error code 28 or 29 only on certain channels


Dear Customer Service,


I am wishing to file an official complaint regarding a telephone conversion I had on the 2nd November 2012 at 21:29pm with user ID 5SY25 (Susan).


We have been having trouble with the standard sky box for about a week to a week and a half some channels you can not receive and receive this error message (no satellite signal been received error code 28 or code 29) or the box will just lockup the only way to clear this is by unplugging for approximately 30 min then reconnect it which should unlock this. After this we still get error code 28 on channels starting from channel 118 (ITV2) there’s about another 40 channels that just go straight to error codes 28 or 29.


Regarding the telephone conversion above as we were going through the procedure of performing tests on my sky box the 1st adviser ID 5SY25 her name was Susan said “you can upgrade to a Sky+ box and it’s free upgrade and free installation!”

I replied “It’s free” and asked “If there were any subscription charges?” as I didn’t want any further subscription charges or any other fees to pay her reply was “No it’s free”.

She then did not explain why or what she was doing I started to listen to some music then, after about 1 minute she reappeared saying that there was a £60 instillation fee to pay also a subscription of £10.25 a month as it is Sky+ HD. I replied “You said it was free a minute ago now your telling me that it’s £60 I don’t want sky+ HD, I want a Sky+ box”.


On Sky website when you log on to your account and check under upgrades it says it’s free and £60 instillation fee or £15 when you install yourself so I asked Susan for the self installation but was point blankly refused this.


I then asked to be escalated to the manager after getting told two separate and conflicting resolutions by Susan, she put me through to the manger his name was Gavin and his ID number is: ID 5GT06. I explained what had gone on with his work colleague Susan he said “There was nothing he could do as he could not change what was on the system?”

I reminded him on numerous times about is work colleague Susan stating it would be free for Sky+ box however this just fell on deaf-ears. After some time the manager agreed that his work colleague Susan was wrong! I asked Gavin if the telephone conversion was recorded he replied “Yes” I then asked him to listen to the recording as I was prepared to wait to hear what he had to say regarding the customer service I had received and the  two conflicting messages which were given by Susan. He said he would listen to the telephone conversion at the end of the call then tell his colleague where she went wrong. So I asked “Will you contact me with any results or information?” Gavin advised me he would not contact me regarding the matter.


After a considerable amount of time on the telephone to Gavin, he said all I can do is give you the sales teams telephone number, he gave me a contact number of 0844 241 1025. He advised me that the Sales team would possibly give me a better deal than he could offer.


Gavin would not give me his direct contact number, he was not helpful in the slightest and I felt as a customer he was just trying to pass the book onto another department, instead of trying to help me resolve the problem. Gavin was more than happy to get rid of me off the phone and fob me off. Not great Customer service for a manager.


After 52 minutes and 35 seconds into the telephone call and getting nowhere with neither Susan or Gavin and no resolution I ended the call at 22:22pm so I could ring the sales team.


I rung the sales team straight away and spoke with ID 1CCC03 which I began to explain the whole situation again for the third time. He said to me “It sounds like you’ve been fobbed off by Gavin has he should of ended the call with yourself and then proceed to listen to the call and ring you back with any resolutions and information on what happened with the 1st operator Susan.” However this was not offered despite me asking. All he could do was offer his apologies and that the manager Gavin has the same details as him and should have been able to offer a further resolution of £49.69; however as a valuable customer I still was not willing to accept this offer as I had been told first time it was free and then I was messed around through Susan and Gavin.


The sales team advised me the best thing to do is send a complaint in by email, I rung the technical support team for assistance as clearly it is an issue with the Sky or with the Sky box. I do not believe I should have had to ring any further departments and especially the Sales team as they are a team for generating sales/upgrades not to deal with technical difficulties with the Sky box or Sky itself. This problem should have been resolved at first point of contact without been passed pillar to post. I am not happy I have had to spend my evening on the telephone to various different departments within your company to then not get any resolution from anyone member of staff I spoke to. I was on the telephone to your company for around 1 hour 20 minutes and I wish to reimbursed for the phone calls that I had to make to your three staff members and believe that this should have been dealt with straight away and especially after the not so good customer service received from Susan and the so called manager Gavin.


I found the professionalism very un-professional more so the manager Gavin if your staff can not read the information from the screen then they should not be answering the calls.


I’m not a happy customer as I’ve been with sky for some 20+ years I would appreciate if you will listen to the telephone conversation with the following ID numbers:


ID 5SY25 – Susan (1st point of contact)

ID 5GT06 – Gavin (Manager)

ID 1CCC03 – not sure of his name but seemed to know more than the other two and was helpful with regards to helping me.


Please if you could get back to me on the email address on my account or telephone number, with a swift and definitive resolution/answer on how we could proceed regarding a Sky+ box.

As it stands at the moment I’m prepared to cancel Sky altogether as I feel I have been mislead and is false advertising.



Yours Faithfully

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Re: No satellite signal been received error code 28 or 29 only on certain channels

Hi susan+hopkinson,


Welcome to the forum.  It is not good to see that you are registering to make a complaint, however your situation is very understandable.


So we can gain some further information on this, I am going to request a private message is sent to you.