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No dialling tone or incoming calls



I have no dialling tone or incoming calls even though people can call and leave messages they are not getting through.


My dialling code is 01933 -  This has been out of use since last weekend as far a I know.  I bought a new phone charged it but still not working.  We have had workers digging up the road since last weekend but do not know who they were working on behalf of.


Please help as I have a husband who is in a care home and need the land line working.  My sky broadband is working though.


Many thanks

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Re: No dialling tone or incoming calls



Having checked, there don't appear to be any localised issues in your area. 


The very first thing I'd recommend doing, is to follow the steps highlighted in this thread. IN particular, checking your handset in the test socket.


Give this a go and let us know how you get on.