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No Sky Signal - error 25 - Engineer

Yesterday, I returned home from work and found I was unable to get a signal for any channels. I was getting an error 29. After trying the usual wires, box resets and all I called the service line and they ran me through the LNB off / on thing. All to no avail, they decided the best thing to do was to send an engineer out. Which they could only do between the hours of 8 - 5 Monday to Friday. Which is madness really, as the majority of the population work these hours. I was told I could have a weekend appointment but it would be mid June. I told her I'd have to sort something so I'd get back in touch re the engineer.

After some Internet reading, I tried a couple of things and basically forced a software update. This seemed to bring my channels back, although I'd lost my Friday evening messing around with it. That was until this afternoon when I decided to sit down and watch TV. I'm not getting an error message 25!!

Trigger further messing around. I power down the box (onto the red light), then turn back on and I have all channels. I try to record and my channels drop out. One minute I have signal on input two .... The next I don't!!

I've basically gone through all the same stuff as yesterday evening and the only way I can regain my channels after any form of recording is by turning the box and then on again. I get all channels in single feed mode but I don't exactly pay Sky £80+ a month to have a reduced service.

Anyhow I rang the help line again (albeit rather racked and on the verge of blowing a fuse) and ended up chatting to a gentleman that ran through the previous stuff. Which low and behold reinstated the box as I expected.The moment we tried recording, the signal dropped out and we came back to this small issue of an Engineer. He offered me an engineer on Tuesday, which is pointless to me, as I explained I'm at work. He then offered me one on a Wednesday!! So I explained again ..... that I worked! He basically told me, he couldn't book me a weekend engineer ... At all. I basically went off on one and told that I paid a lot of money for Sky and wasn't happy with the service. To which he piped up about getting me an engineer again in the week. Again ... I explained, for the third time, that I worked. I was getting increasingly angry at this point, so asked to cancel my service as I was annoyed with both my lack of Sky and the customer service. I was then transferred through to another gentleman and once again explained my issue. He told me I couldn't cancel and was basically stuck with them for 12 months. He tried to arrange an engineer for me in the week and I once again, explained that I was unable to do it. We got into a bit of a debate anout not being fit for purpose and I hung up before I told him where to stick his box.

On top of this, I reset me password on the first night and then they didn't recognise it the following night!

Am I cutting my nose off to spite my face, maybe buy I'm rightly racked off, as I've only had Sky 2 months and really, really wish I'd never joined up in the first place! I never had a problem with BT and in the 6 years I was with BT I had one problem when I moved house and it was sorted with 12 hours. It really is a case of better the devil you know, than the one you don't!

My box in the Amstrad ... and it's pants!

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Re: No Sky Signal - error 25 - Engineer

Hi Adoniso,


I appreciate this particular fault is very frustrating for you and that you have tried everything to resolve the situation with our advisors and on your own.


As an engineer is required on this occasion we can only book you in for a date which is available on our system, however I would have expected the advisor to offer another suggestion to allow the engineer to attend?


We would normally suggest the possibility of having someone else in attendance for the engineer arriving and to sign off that the job is complete, as long as they are over the age of 18. Is this a possibility at all?

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Re: No Sky Signal - error 25 - Engineer

your lucky i have to wait nine days for them to come out to repair my system, i am not happy with no tv for all taht time.

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Re: No Sky Signal - error 25 - Engineer

did you get a solution to the problem, it is exactly the same as i have??


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