No Signal due to bad weather

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No Signal due to bad weather

We are having major problems with our signal as soon as the slightest bit of wind or rain starts.  We have a few trees at the back of our house but were assured by the Sky Engineer that they would not cause any problems.


The signal broke up a few times during the first few months but we thought that once winter came and the trees dropped their leaves than we would have uninterrupted viewing but how wrong we were...!!!   It has been worse than ever and tonight we have lost all channels, including terrestrial..


We have had the system since March, so are we still under warranty and is it possible for an engineer to call on us and perhaps reposition the dish (or if he can provide a long ladder, I will go out with a saw and cut the darn trees down myself)...!!


Many thanks

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Re: No Signal due to bad weather

This cannot be arranged through the forum and you will need to contact sky.Click on the CONTACT US icon at the top right of this page.

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