No Satellite signal on Sky+ HD box

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No Satellite signal on Sky+ HD box

Hi, I hope someone can help?  I have at present a Sky+ HD box and a Sky multiroom box.  I was having major problems with not receiving certain channels and others working at times, then pixelated, then not having no signal at all.  I then purchased a new Oct LNB and have connected that to the satellite dish.  All connections seem correct and secure and we did receive signal on Input 1, but not Input 2? Now I am receiving no signal at all from Input 1 or Input 2.  I have also tried going to Services, typing in 001 then Services and doing a new install etc.  All to no avail.  Please can anyone suggest what further problems there may be as I am baffled.  Many thanks in advance :-)

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Re: No Satellite signal on Sky+ HD box

Hi, GPS555,

Welcome to the Sky Help Forum and thanks for making your first post.  Did you install the Octo LNB yourself or did a Sky Engineer do this for you?



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Re: No Satellite signal on Sky+ HD box

Hi and thanks for helping.  We installed the Octo LNB ourselves as we have a Sky Engineer coming on Wednesday to install an additional Sky+ HD 2tb Box and we knew we would need more connections on the LNB box.  The LNB box is an approved Sky one.  Many thanks

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Re: No Satellite signal on Sky+ HD box

hi ive got "searching for listings please wait, after the no signal being received, message 29 any ideas please??


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Re: No Satellite signal on Sky+ HD box

You have got that message because your box has lost the satellite signal due to the snow that is currently coming down. Until it stops your signal might not return because it is likely the snow is on your dish.


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