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No Satellite Signal

Hi All,


We are getting reports that some of you may be experiencing No Satellite Signal due to the windy conditions starting to hit parts of the country.


If you're now flying kites because you can't watch the telly, why not try out the tips in our adverse weather article to see if you can get your favourite programmes back.


Top Tip! Did you know that Sky Go lets you watch your Sky shows on compatible devices and online. Check out how you can start using it on our website.


In the meantime, you can still enjoy many hours of great TV through your TV Planner.  If you have a Sky+HD box, you can access your content up to 12 hours from the time your box last received a satellite signal, or up to four hours on a Sky+ box.


You can also go to On Demand in your Planner for recent episodes of shows you love with the UK’s biggest Catch Up TV service, our picks of the week’s best TV in Showcase and more, in line with your Sky TV subscription.



Graham H
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