No Satellite Signal Sky + Box

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No Satellite Signal Sky + Box

Am not a happy bunny. For the last two weeks everytime I put on standby or switch off when I turn back on I have lost the signal (and of course all my recordings have failed). I have called Sky 4 times to resolve - we've done everything possible and they have now decided my box is faulty and to send me a new box....... Great...... Oh not so! They only have Sky HD boxes which I do not need or want. This will cost me an additional 10.25 per month.... but wait a minute I don;t want HD..... so after being on hold for a very long time it was confirmed that as they were replacing a faulty box they would issue a new HD box at no additional monthly charge. Thats fine by me..... don't want the HD channels anyway - just a box that works......


So the new box turns up and I set up.... watching Sky news for about half hour, set up all my new recordings and BOOM.... satellite signal lost. The new box is worse than my old one! I keep losing the signal every half hour.


To add insult to injury I get a letter today from Sky to say they are really happy i've CHOOSEN to upgrade and will be billed an extra 10.25 per month for HD... WHAT???? On calling tonight to question this i've been told the new box is on the system as being "sold" to me. Isn't that mis-selling???


I am disgusted and very very unhappy.


In conclusion I have been paying for a service for 2 weeks I can't use, I have been sent a "replacement box" at no extra charge and then been charged and I still cant watch TV.


I have my phone, broadband and TV with Sky and am now looking at switching providers as I have wasted sooooooooooo much time on the phone (calling premium rate numbers from my mobile) so I can keep my sly box plugged into telephone line, am paying for a service I can't use and have been mis-sold a product that should have simply been a straight replacement for faulty goods.......


Will be thinking long and hard about Virgin.......

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Re: No Satellite Signal Sky + Box

Hi kimothykim,


Welcome to the forum however sorry to see that you have been experiencing problems with your service.


Can you possibly log into your mysky account here to check if your HD subscription is listed and active? If so please let us know.


If you are still experiencing signal issues with the replaced box, have you tried our guide on this here



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Re: No Satellite Signal Sky + Box

Hi David


Thank you for your reply.


Yes it is active and listed DESPITE a 28 minute call yesterday to SKY to immediately cancel this uograde as i was mis-sold this and did not want this. This was made very clear on the call.


The new box is now unplugged as the lose of signal is even worse.


I have an engineer visiting tomorrow to look at the Sky+ box.


Please address the issues raised in the first email.


In addition, please advise if Sky record phonecall for training purposes?





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Re: No Satellite Signal Sky + Box MORE LIES & CONS BY SKY

I wrote a compliant to sky to immediately cancel my HD subscription that I DID NOT ORDER OR REQUIRE and only realised this had been upgraded despite confirming by the advisor it wouldn't be when I received a letter from Sky on THursday. After 28 minutes on the phone trying to do this I was disconnected. I then decided to write. I have today received a respond stating that this cannot be cancelled as I am within my contract period???? What are they talking about? I only received the box last Tuesday and the letter Thursday and under UK Law I have the right to cancel.


I want confirmation TODAY this has been cancelled and I will be preparing a letter to both Consumer Direct and Trading Standards office as I am sure I am not the only person who has been mis-sold like this and its about time a stop was put to this mal-practice.

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Re: No Satellite Signal Sky + Box MORE LIES & CONS BY SKY

Hi kimothykim


I’ll have one of our team look into this further and will send a Private Message shortly requesting more details.



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