No Phone Activation on Agreed date, why?

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No Phone Activation on Agreed date, why?



I have done the home move. I have THREE letters from Sky, confirming that my new land-line (and Broadband) would be installed on January 4, 2012. It is now January 5, 2012 and when I pick up the hand set I am getting a continuously busy signal and, obviously, no broadband connection. Due to the high winds on January 3, I have no signal on my mobile phone, thus I cannot call you and you cannot call me. Can you please e-mail me to advise ASAP, my account number is [removed). You should be able to get my e-mail address from my account information. This is VERY frustrating and I would appreciate a speedy activation of the land-line.


Many Thanks

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Re: No Phone Activation on Agreed date, why?

Hi JamesC77, 


As this is your first post with the forum I would like to welcome you to community. 


I have found this link which may be able to resolve this issue for you. If not, can you get in contact with us so we can look into this further. 



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