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Neighbour is using my wifi

Help my neighbour is using my wifi to download stuff whilst I'm using it I tried to change the password but it won't let me I have the mini skybox type router black and silver some how they have the password??? What can I do to stop them it's p&£()?@ing me off when I'm watching Netflix it crashes or (buffering) all the time
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Re: Neighbour is using my wifi

When you say it will not let you, why won't it because you should be able to change your password by logging into your router via this link: Username - admin Password - sky And you can change this via the "Wireless Settings" page. While you are there you might want to change the password you used to login to your router (the "sky" one) to something else. This can be done via Maintenance > Broadband Set Up.

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Re: Neighbour is using my wifi

I have the same issue since yesterday! I got home and the name of my wifi had vanished and been replaced with a "hackedbyneigbour". Despite resetting the router, changing the SKY..... ID, changing password, etc... my internet is now extremely slow, so slow that i can't even log onto iTunes from my iPad. Internet seems fine for a couple of website then it get stuck and can't go any further. I have tried changing the channel and the mode to no avail... Any help or advice would be great Smiley Happy
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Re: Neighbour is using my wifi

As Caserome says this is all you need to do, however i will pm instruction on how to block them with the firewall and whoever needs to also, pm me.
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