My Sky+HD box has No Signal and becomes unresponsive

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My Sky+HD box has No Signal and becomes unresponsive

Hi Please somebody help me as im at my wits end!!!! I have a sky+HD box and my signal is fine, then all of a sudden its gone, within a minute later its back. Now sometimes i can watch half an hour untill problem happens. 


Its developing though as now i have no signal at all (saying not locked and null etc.) when its like this the box itself is un responsive completley, ive tried re booting box using several ways (holding back up button etc.) I try it several times with no success. If i come back to it hours later suddenly the box works fine.


Is the problem the signal ie dish cables or more likley the box?


I think box but Sky say its the signal to the dish due to a tree outside and there is nothing they can do, but its been fie for the last 12 months untill now.  




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Re: My Sky+HD box has No Signal and becomes unresponsive

Hey @redman118


Thanks for joining us on the Sky Help Forum. Sorry to hear about this No Satellite Signal hurdle. Sounds like you're on a 400m sprint and you constantly come across the same kind of hurdle. 


The problem could anywhere from the LNB on the end of the dish, to the positioning of the dish, to the cabling, to the box. Could you visit this page and let me know how you get on? Here you will run through some checks and test that will help you get to the bottom of this. 

If you have to take this further it's okay just get back in touch here.


I look forward to see you at the finishing line.