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My Internet keeps dropping out

I using sky broadband  and i mostly do online gaming, But my internet keeps dropping out.
On the router itself the light below the @ Symbol turn's orange and i lose internet briefly, but this keeps happening randomly, Sometime's it will last 5 minutes before doing it , 5 second's  or if im lucky 1-2 hours,
When the internet stop's it also asks for my Login for website's like facebook and google,This problem only started up about 2 days ago, I've been able to cope since but now it's just irratating.


I have only ever had this problem once before when i streamed alot of movies and it dropped out alot and once it was back i had bad latency, i called and found out that as a household i have not got unlimited like i requested but 40gb a month as a household because of the area i live in sky internet run's off bt lines, I live about 7 miles away from exeter in crediton.

Now none of my family stream anything and use "Tb Meter" Which keeps an eye on the internet we do use so we never go over our limit so there is no reason why this should have happened, I have checked forum's  and tried resetting the router,Changing channel's, Checking the leads, restarting my computer and most of the things i could find on the internet to help me with no luck, I have also checked the service in me area with apparently no problem's, We have already had one replacement router since our service began , We recieved the new router about 4 months ago with no problem with it, Soo basically im stumped on what to do, Any ideas? Many thanks.

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Re: My Internet keeps dropping out

I am having the same problem, it has been happening for the past 2 weeks for me.


I live in Manchester, how about you?

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Re: My Internet keeps dropping out

Hi Chrism1011 & TMK2012


Sorry to see that you have been experiencing a drop out in your broadband connection. Have you tried our guides here regarding this?


You can also check your service status here



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Re: My Internet keeps dropping out

hi, im having the same problem.


i have changed the filters and even had an engineer out to check my line but its still happening.

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Re: My Internet keeps dropping out

Can you confirm what router you have as i have been having the same issues!

I have a black & silver Sagem router

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Re: My Internet keeps dropping out

I have a Netgear box and have the same issue, internet connects for 5 -10min and then it losses connection. Steady amber light on the Internet symbol led.


For my it looks it is an issue with Sky network, but Sky has not confirmed. I've done all the tests required but still, internet keeps dropping. I hope this is sorted soon as this is I am working on a critical deadline. Really disappointed with Sky support so far.