Multi Router Set-up

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Multi Router Set-up

Hi all, ive found some infomation on this subject but just wanted to ask the question fresh just incase there is a different way of going about it.


I have just got a new skybroadband N router which is plugged into the phoneline up stairs as it needs to be next to the main PC which isnt wireless so is wired directly into the router.


I want to be able to use the now old sky router as a wireless bridge / extender. Basically I want to have it down stairs to increae the wireless signal to the downstairs area of the house. There is an additional phone line down stairs but figured its not as simple as plugging the second router into it.


Could someone talk me through what i need to do / if this is even possible.

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Re: Multi Router Set-up

you can't use the phone line at all tio carry any signal to the 2nd router, you could try using home pluug which use your main ellectric to connect the two router togther., its that or using a lan ethernet cable.  


Once you done that you got to shut off all the service on the 2nd router.  I would not both doing it, If you need greater range and going to all that effort you might as well get a dedicated wireless access point.  Most cable router can run DD WRT and it work great as a highly configurable wireless access point

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