Monday Night Football

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Monday Night Football

Sky!  What have you done?  Why have the taken the almost unanimously renowned best in depth analysis of the weekend's football and changed it?


Gary Neville is brilliant, insightful and eloquent.  Why would you add Carragher with his indecipherable (although better than when he was a player - I assume you sent him on an elocution course) accent and very poor knowledge?


Gery Neville highlights the minutiae that the average fan doesn’t spot or know about, but Carragher just states the obvious.

I know change is the buzz word but the important thought is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.


I know you’ll say give it a chance but why when nothing needed changing?  Please return it to the same format as last season.



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Re: Monday Night Football

They are hardly going to sack Carragher just because you want them to....Smiley LOL


he's not that bad and I think they all work quite well together.

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Re: Monday Night Football

No, they clearly won't.  But why employ him in the first place given they had the best preview/review show already?


I appreciate if you stand still people will catch up and they need to move forward, but Carragher? Really?  On the first show he's been on, he's been shown up by Gary Neville, and not just slightly shown up, much like 100% of the Monday Night Football watching audience could have predicted.


It's just a shame they've made the best hour of punditry much, much worse and more diluted for no reason.  Carragher could happily fit in a role in the Sunday studio or cut his teeth as a co-commentator rather then being given this top role with no proper experience.


It's just my opinion, backed up by the 5 people I've spoken to who converted to switching over at 7pm last season rather than the usual switch over at 7:59 to just watch the game.  I'm not saying it's a broad reaching survey but 100% of the people I know who were watching would prefer it to go back to how it was.

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Re: Monday Night Football

I seem to remember this forum been flooded with complaints about gary Neville when you first joined Sky, funny how things change. Give Carrigher time as he will improve.


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Re: Monday Night Football

I'm going to have to give him a chance.  I sincerely hope he does get better but I'm not holding my breath.

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Re: Monday Night Football

I have to say I loved Jamie Carragher on MNF his so enthusiastic it is brilliant keep it coming reminds me of keys and gray but they both really know their footy

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