Missing end of programs recording itv3+1

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Missing end of programs recording itv3+1

I have been trying to record Foyles War at 10pm on ITV3+1

my settings are all automatic rather than end of program add 1, 5, 10 etc

Sky knows when a program starts so I presume it should also know when it ends.


I have tried each night and am finding the program is recording approx 2 mins before

(shows previous program ending,  adverts, program starting at 4-6 mins from the start of recording

I do not wish to add time at the all of the time as this would cause even more clashes when recording multiple recordings.


Is there a way to get round this


PS only program being recorded at 10pm - 12pm

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Re: Missing end of programs recording itv3+1

You could do a manual recording and record it until 10.10. Some channels at not very good at their programs starting and ending on time and from my experience ITV 3 is one of them.


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