Live TV not working

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Live TV not working

Hi hope you can help. Am unable to watch live tv since thursday evening.  When trying to access, all channels and menu r visible but when trying to view the programs i am having the following message appear after clicking on the play arrow


 "Apologies , this item has been interrupted due to an error. Please click play to resume watching.[t:4001/c:4110]"


However after trying to watch again and again i am still getting the same message after clicking the play icon



Any suggestions would be most appreciated

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Re: Live TV not working

Hi Pagey82,


Oh no we don't want you missing our on Arrow, it's getting really good so let's see what we can do.


Can you try our Fix Sky Go error article for the error you are getting and let me know if it helps as it should resolve the problem.


I look forward to hearing from you.