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Limited Connection

Everynight at around 11, my internet connection keeps saying 'limited', it's been like this for 3 weeks and its really starting to annoy me. I paid £50 a month and I expect my internet to be working. Once this error happens, I cannot resolve it, i've restarted the hub, switched power off and still no change. When I try to use the phone, it makes this high pitch noise and doesn't give me even a dial tone. 

Regards Ian 

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Re: Limited Connection

That high pitch tone sounds like a standard POTS modem, which is used by the sky satellite box for reporting back programmes watched, etc... And it does so during set periods, if the high pitched sounds only occur around 11pm and the telephone is okay outside these hours, that's probably what that is and is normal. If the high tone pitches don't stop after a few minutes then that needs to be investigated and could indicate a fault, try disconnecting the sky satellite box to confirm whether the tone pitches disappear.

The loss of Internet connection is not okay and depending on which router you're using, SR-101 router with separate VDSL2 modem and faceplate with filter incorporated or a SR-102 router with external micro filters, will depend on whether you need an engineer visit or you can DIY.

This is because I believe the micro filter/filter plate is faulty and when the sky satellite box communicates on the telephone line it's interfering with your broadband, which it shouldn't do. Replace the micro filter connected to the sky satellite box if you're using a SR-102 router and have one spare, and see if that solves the problem. If you're using a separate VDSL2 modem and SR-101 router then an engineer visit may be necessary.

But please rule out the satellite box first..
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Re: Limited Connection

Morning Ian+Kay and thanks for making us aware of your Sky Broadband and Sky Talk issues.


If you are experiencing connection errors I would work through these steps to see if we can pinpoint the cause of the issue.


Can you get back to us if this does not resolve the issue and we'll do some tests on your line if required.



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