I want to cancel my Sky account

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I want to cancel my Sky account

I want to cancel Sky

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These are the methods that you can use:   YOUR RIGHTS TO...

These are the methods that you can use:


1. Call us on 08442 414 414; or
2. Write to us at: Sky Subscribers Services Limited, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 7DD.
3. Fax us on: 01506 484343
4. Send us an email by visiting the "Contact Us" section at

• You must give your name, address, post code and customer number when you are cancelling any product or service you have ordered from Sky.


31 days notice applies to tv subscription cancellations.

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Cancelling SKY is designed to be a complicated matter as...

Cancelling SKY is designed to be a complicated matter as far as I  can see. in order to  make one think  twice..or even  three times about  doing it !


On the 24th March 2014 We decided that Sky would have to go as the bedroom tax burden was too much to keep it. so

We signed up online for a cheaper  "half price" version with TalkTalk on that date.

We received an email from sky within hours of the sign up, confirming our choice, BUT with the following WARNINGS !

1. We'll stop your broadband service on 08/04/2014 and will remove it from your phone line around 10 working days later.

2.You won't be able to re-order broadband on your phone line until your Sky service has been removed. ( 15 days after cancellation )

3.Too late SKY  the order was obviously placed, and the frightener tactic failed.

4.The major problem lies is in the fact  that Sky are creating a"DENIAL OF SERVICE" by retaining control of the  phone/broadband  line for an unnecessary additional (unused )10 working days (as noted above) which  denies our new supplier from accessing the line for our use and denying us MECS, Phone, and Broadband.. our main contact with the outside world

5. Sky will tell you that they have to wait on BT OPENREACH  clearing the line which supposedly  takes 10 working days from  the end of  the contract...which is........... UNTRUE.  as the contract ends when it is agreed by both parties !....  in our case 24th March 2014.

Sky had notice of termination of our talk/broadband account on 24/03/2014 so had  15 DAYS to organise OPENREACH PRIOR to 8th April 2014 far less 10 working days later. ie: (22/4/2014 )

6.  So there we have it !...... 4 weeks to change suppliers from date of original notification to SKY,  and with 14 days loss/denial of service due to SKY  retaining unnecessary ownership of our telephone line.

7. Should it happen differently, and we are not left without  our main  source of contact, for 2 weeks  be assured that i will return and comment upon the situation if a positive result, ........however i doubt that you will miss US should the alternative occur  as we Never Lie Down.


copied for posterity ..29 march 2014

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Ji klickmarket,   Thanks for your post.   From the detail...

Ji klickmarket,


Thanks for your post.


From the details that you have posted it sounds to me that you have tried to do a couple of things, cancel the account and then find a new provider.


If you were to change to a new provider we wouldn't advise to cancel your service to do this unless this was someone that doesn't use the same network as Sky/BT


What we would advise is for you to check with your new supplier if you require a MAC for smooth transfer of your broadband and if taking the number this is something that the new provider will assist with as well.


Keep us posted on how your situation goes as well.