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I contacted sky but they wont do there home move post code isnt registered

I contacted sky but they wont do there free home move because the post code isnt registered what can I do?

The building has 8 flats in and a couple of them have sky tv.I am moving across the road from the basement flat I live in and booked a home move.Sky phoned me back saying they cant do it because flat number 5 is not registered with royal mail but all the other flats are.So I spoke to the landlord in person and she said that 5 flat is registered so I phoned sky and they did checks and they said the same they cant install there equipment because the post code is not registered.Odd thing is the building has a couple of Sky dishes on the front! There is a BT phone line in my flat.If the flat was not registered we I wouldnt have to had set my council tax and housing benefit up on the flat plu I wouldnt be able to move in.What can I do? Even if I try a different company I get the same answer as sky have said.Whats going,what can I do so I can tv,phone line and internet in my new flat?? Im getting very annoyed with it.
Im close to canceling my sky tv,phone and interent because I feel sky are pulling a fast one and cheating me.
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Re: I contacted sky but they wont do there home move post code isnt registered

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Hi lellielulu,


Welcome to our Forum although I'm sorry to see it's not under the best circumstances.


I understand this situation is very frustrating however if the address isn't showing on our database system then we can't process the order.


If you follow this link and provide the building name, number and post code can you tell me if your flat shows as listed? If not there is an email contact form to contact Royal Mail directly to get this amended.


If you get back to me I'll try and help further.