I cannot get Channel 4, Film 4,

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I cannot get Channel 4, Film 4,

I can get Channel 4, The error message is that my box cant get a signal. I get all the other channels without and fuss including 4 music. Can you help me?

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Re: I cannot get Channel 4, Film 4,

Hi Joel+Thorpe


Great to see you using the forum Q&A board and hopefully we will get this resolved fro you if you haven't already :-)


I will move your post as we need to ask you for more details you can find your post here. Could you confirm which box you have and do you have your own dish or is it a communal system?


Try the following  steps which may resolve the issue for you.

Using the Sky remote:

  1. Press Standby. Standby light displays.

If the Sky box is unresponsive, proceed to step 2.

  1. Switch off power supply to Sky box at the mains socket.

If a cordless telephone is in use and is connected to the same socket as the Sky box, make sure to only unplug the Sky box, not the phone.

  1. Switch all connected equipment to standby then disconnect at the mains socket.
  2. Confirm no lights remain on the Sky box or any connected equipment.
  3. Reconnect the plug at the mains socket if it is disconnected.
  4. Switch the Sky box and other devices back on, including the TV.
  5. Check standby light displays, then wait 2 - 4 minutes for the Sky box to reboot.

During the reboot, the Sky box may check the system files and the hard disk drive.

  1. Press Sky to switch on box. The green light displays.

Let us know how you get on.



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