How to open port 80 on sagem router

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How to open port 80 on sagem router

Hi all,


I have a Sagem F@st2504n router and need to open port 80 for a my cctv so I can view it away from my home. Despite setting up the firewall rules and services to allow full access through port 80 I still get connection refused when I use the port checking site such as to test. I know i have set everything up correctly because my CCTV also needs port 4000 which I have done the same service and rule for and that is open.


I have seen some people saying yes it should be open and others say no SKY block it regardless and wont open it for anyone. It might be sky as normally on closed ports you get "Connection Timed Out" where as port 80 returns " Connection refused"


Any help opening this or other advice greatly appreceated. 



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Hi Trash500,   Thank you for taking the time to join the...

Hi Trash500,


Thank you for taking the time to join the Sky Help Forum and welcome to our community.


Unfortunately we cannot offer any support for port forwarding I'm afraid so may well be worth creating a thread in the forum where it would be viewed by more users and therefore more chance of a solution being posted.


Sorry I could not have been of more help.

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