How to correctly port forward

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Re: How to correctly port forward

My problem is that I want to access my cctv from the internet. I have a H.264 CCTV kit purchased from Maplin who advise that I need to set up port forwarding. I have logged onto the router, and have set up ports 80, 9000 (although not sure if this is needed, but was suggested on a Maplin Forum) and 34567 (TCP as per the DVR config) and 37778 (UDP as per the DVR config). I have also set these ports up in Control Panel on my pc. However, when I type the IP address (the IP address of my DVR), I get a message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" message. I get the same message if I enter or 37778.

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Re: How to correctly port forward



With regards to the problem you're experiencing, I highly doubt that it is related to the Sky router as you cannot connect internally to the device. If you are using wireless connections, make sure that you have disabled Wireless Isolation, as this will stop communication between devices connected wirelessley to the router to other wireless devices in the network.


If this is disabled, it may be an issue with the configuration of the DVR, or the setup of the CCTV kit as a whole. Unfortunately, this forum isn't really the place for this and you may find more help if you find a forum or support page for the CCTV kit you have purchased.


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I do not work for Sky, and all advice given is purely personal advice. I am not responsible for any problems that occur, although I will do my best to help in all situations.
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Re: How to correctly port forward

hi there im having trouble port forwarding the port 80? i have a radio website on my server the addy is now i gave that to one of my friends and they said it could not connect? so only i can see the website. now how do i forward port 80 so that everyone can see the site and not just me? i have a sky broadband router. 

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