How to change the NAT type on the router

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How to change the NAT type on the router

I enjoy playing online games with my Playstation3 with friends, after playing a few days of 'Call of Duty Black Ops 2', my NAT type has changed to being 'strict' when before, it was 'open'. This has prevented me from being able to play online with my friends, what solutions are there to change my NAT type back to 'open'? (My NAT type in the network settings has always stayed 'Type 2', and my 'UPnP' is also enabled)

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How to change the NAT type on the router

Hi Kurt15,

Welcome to the Community. Great to see you posting.

Unfortunately we cannot offer specific support on this issue. However, I believe some customers have found it useful to check and ensure that uPnP is enabled on your router. This should however be enabled by default.

To check this:

1. Log into your Sky Broadband router by visiting
2. When prompted enter the username: admin & password: sky (in lowercase).
3. Select the Advanced tab from the black navigation bar.
4. Select UPNP from the sub menu that appears under the navigation bar.
5. Ensure that the box is ticked to Turn UPNP On then click the Apply button.

You may find that other members of the Community will be able to provide further advice on this.

I hope this helps.