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Help in setting up hd with surround sound

Hi folks

I have just purchaced a sky hs box and i am having a mare setting up with my surround,I have a Sony Bravia tv and a Sony DAV-TZ135 home theatre. There is no optical inputs on either the tv or home theatre,so i have the only option of HDMI , now there are 2 ports on the back of the tv but when i connect the 2 i only get picture and no sound,i can get sound by connecting red/white plugs from home theatre to sky box , but i was wonering what the best set up would be to get everything working via HDMI and which way of connecting everything.



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Re: Help in setting up hd with surround sound

According to the specs I've read for this home theatre, the only external audio inputs it has are the red/^white phono sockets. If your Bravia has red/white phono OUTPUTS you can use these to connect to you home theater, otherwise your only option is to use the Sky box phono outputs as you currently are. If your Bravia has a Scart OUTPUT, you could alternatively use a scart tlo phono output cable to connectiont to the phono inputs of your home theatre.
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Re: Help in setting up hd with surround sound

As Mark has said the only audio inputs are the red and white phono on the surround sound system. I would recommend connecting the red/white phono leads from the sky box directly into the Davtz135 system, and connect the HDMI cable from the Sky HD box to the TV and then another HDMI lead from the surround sound system to the TV. Make sure on your surround sound system to select the right input. Please note that you will not be able to get surround sound from the sky HD box as your system has not got an optical or coaxial input which is the connection needed to enjoy Dolby Digital Sound, although you should be able to set your surround sound system to a Prologic mode which will produce something close to surround sound. Hope this helps!
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