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HD+ box freezing, and losing signal

I have very similar issues.
My HD+ box keeps randomly freezing.  There is NO pattern to this, but it is occurring more frequently.
I know when the problemmis going to surface, as the box takes noticeably longer time to change channels. If I have a recording planned, the guide reports that recording cancelled due to technical fault.
The box freezes whilst;

playing a recording
FWD/RWD a recording or live TV Show
accessing the Guide
Accessing any menu
When it freezes, the box does not respong to the buttons on the box, or the remote control. (However, the remote signal LED does illuminate when pressing the keys on the remote control).
I have tried;
True Cold Boot (24hrs without mains power)
Planner rebuild
Forced Software download,
Full Box Reset
LNB Reset
Changed LNB connections (I have an octo LNB)
Checked and metered ALL cables etc.
All with 20 minute cold starts inbetween.
If anybody has any ideas, they will be gratfully appreciated, before I log a call with Sky.

Many thanks,
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Re: HD+ box freezing, and losing signal

Hi DuncanVSmith,

Thanks for getting in touch with this issue.

It really sounds like you have been through every possible procedure, our next course of action would be to organise an engineer to look at and possible replace the box.

How long have you actually had the affected box?