HD Box Software/Firmware Upgrade

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HD Box Software/Firmware Upgrade

I have two Amstrad SKY HD boxes in the house. Overnight last night, one of them has obviously undergone an upgrade says it is now version 4f310b, whilst the other did not - running version 4F31D3. I now have to planners that display completely differently. The upgraded version has a black programme description bar above the listings, the text font is less bold and dimmer and when selecting the majority of programme type tabs, you now have to enter another menu to select channels/recordings/on demand/rentals/search etc. I do not particularly like the new format, but would at least like the displayfrom the two boxes to be the same! Can the upgraded box be downgraded or the unpgraded box upgraded? Many thanks

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Re: HD Box Software/Firmware Upgrade

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A quick scan of the forum would have supplier your answer Smiley Happy

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