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Golf commentators



I am very close to giving up my sky altogether because of Bruce Critchley.  He is so negative all the time about the players.  He is constantly bringing up how a player has struggled with a certain part of their games, especially their putting.  We have all missed a few short putts Bruce, these guys are the best in the world, please just be quiet.  Can't you just enjoy the golf?  The amount of times he uses words like "struggle" and "poor" during a broadcast completely irritates me.  


The professionals are so good at the game yet all he seems to do is take pleasure in critisizing them.  Either that or he is moaning about something else.  I enjoy watching the pros play every weekend when I can.  All the other commentators do a great job, especially Wayne Riley, Tim Barter and Pugh and Roe.  They are worth whatever you pay them.  Good fun, knowledgable.  And all the American commentators on PGA Tour Golf are entertaining, professional and never moan.  


But listening to Bruce Critchley makes watching the golf seem like a grind with all his criticism and moaning!  And I wonder how many others are fed up of him too?  


Can you please give me evidence of anybody that enjoys listening to him?  I think for all the money sky makes they could get somebody far more entertaining and light hearted than him.  Please...!  






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Re: Golf commentators

i completely agree. Sky Sports coverage is fantastic EXCEPT for Bruce Critcheley amd Ewan Murray. A couple of undertakers. Dour, obvious, very dull.
This is not an age thing 'cos I'm 62. The net is full of criticism about these 2, is SKY  listening??

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Re: Golf commentators

Can I just point out to some of the Sky sports commentators, that not everybody watching has a problem with Keegan Bradley's pre shot routine. There seems to be a movement recently to criticise Keegan more and more, as in last nights coverage, I got the impression that one commentator was blaming Keegan Bradley for Adam Scott's poor play.If you watch regularly you will note that Keegan does not hold anyone up, he does not get warned for slow play, so what's the problem? At least he is a character,who wears his heart on his sleeve and I for one want Keegan to continue to do well. So get off his back and give the lad a break.
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