Final Futurama Season - Where Is It

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Final Futurama Season - Where Is It

This is a followup to that previous season thread that is now discontinued as it's happened again this year and from my sources of Facebook of a mate watching it on NetFlix it has told me it means that other UK suppliers have beaten SKY to the punch already which shouldn't be right for someone who has a television contract to show it first be so slow to the punch to let this thing happen that another supplier is beating it to the punch for the final season showing them and worst of all it could be 2 suppliers beating you to the punch as DVD's are probably out in British format first as well because it's on the Flix first before Sky.


What happened to Sky having the first UK run contract did it expire as this show should have hit Sky 1 in the UK British format first before the Flix can upload it if it did still have the first run showings?


So basiclly what happened in this whole situration that Netflix On Demand is now beating you in the showing time when Sky1 used to always be the first showing?


Here is the evidence to back up we have been beaten from my mates Facebook:


Futurama: Season 10: "Fry and Leela's Big Fling"
Fry and Leela's romantic vacation goes disturbingly wrong.


Futurama: Season 10: "Forty Percent Leadbelly"
At a maximum security prison, Bender meets a famous folk singer and attempts to make a copy of his precious guitar.


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Re: Final Futurama Season - Where Is It

Netflix purchased the rights. It will not be shown on Sky 1 and is only available on Netflix.