Error message t3137 - c1501

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Error message t3137 - c1501

Everytime I try to watch something the error message says unable to access media file. t3137 - c1501.

Could you please tell me what this means?

I saw on a previous comment 1501 means you need to change the quality streaming but I can't seem to find the quality streaming button to be able to change this!

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Re: Error message t3137 - c1501

If you pit your cursor on the where the picture is being shown you shoould then see the quality drop down menu, it is here you can change it.


There is some more help here for the 1501 error code:


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Re: Error message t3137 - c1501

Are you running any ad-blocking software/plugins? If so try disabling them for the Sky Go website and see if that helps.

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Re: Error message t3137 - c1501

Thanks QSheep2! That solved the problem for me.

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Re: Error message t3137 - c1501



I  have been able to watch Sky Go on My Mac for the last few months. Over the last couple of weeks, the error message t3137-c1501 error message appears after the initial adverts. I have tried everything suggested on this forum. I delete out the sky go from the storage preferences in Silverlight preferences and sometimes this works. I have turned off the disable pop up ads in firefox and turned off all other add ons apart from Silverlight. This seems to work some of the time - I can watch 1 program uninterrupted, but then when I try to watch another, it just refuses to work again - really frustrating.


I am viewing on a Mac 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, OSX 10.6.8, running firefox 13.0.1 and silverlight 5.1.10411.0


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Re: Error message t3137 - c1501

You: Andrew *******

You: Sky ID *******

You: sky go error t3137-c1501

Dilip: Hi Andrew.

Dilip: Which browser are you using?

You: chrome

Dilip: Please change the browser.

Dilip: Please use IE 8 or Firefox.

Dilip: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

You: so doesn't work (anymore) in Chrome

You: ?

Dilip: Sky Go does not support chrome for technical reasons and we do not recommend it.

You: so why doesn't it say on the page when you load it in Chrome

You: ?

Dilip: It is a technical error.

You: and?

You: if you don't support chrome then please advertise it

Dilip: Sure.

Dilip: We do not support IE 9 as well.

Dilip: We only recommend the use of IE 8, firefox or Safari for Sky Go.


How cool is that, please down grade to an older, buggier, security nightmare IE8, which idiot at sky thought that was good advice?

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Re: Error message t3137 - c1501

I had to disable Adblock (chrome addon) it prevented the movie running.