Entertainment Extra vs Entertainment Extra +

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Entertainment Extra vs Entertainment Extra +


My TV package after the sept price increase will cost me £35.75 a month (Entertainment Extra £27.00, Sky + HD £11.25 & a price freeze discount from when the packages were merged a while back).  I spoke to someone at sky last night who was clearly as confused as I was about the various packages availalbe.  So my questions are this.


1.  Would it be cheaper for me to upgrade to the Entertainment Extra + package at £32.00 a month assuming that includes the HD channels I watch (Living, Atlantic, Sky1 etc) and that I wouldn't need to keep the Sky + HD at £11.25.


2.  What is the Sky+HD package?  Am I right in thinking it allows you to watch the channels you have in your package in HD if they are available? 


I have to say that as a HD customer I find the website packages and choices very confusing!  I just want to make sure i'm using what i'm paying for.



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Re: Entertainment Extra vs Entertainment Extra +

To answer your questions:


1. Yes I think it would be cheaper for you to upgrade.


2. The HD pack at £11.25 used to be the only way you could watch pay HD channels via Sky. But now Sky have introduced the EE+ pack the HD part ands 3D is included in it so as you do not have Movies or Sports then I do believe it would be cheaper to upgrade.


What you could do is go through the upgrade route online as it will show you your new monthly price.


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Re: Entertainment Extra vs Entertainment Extra +

All sorted thanks!  I spoke to Sky last night and they've upgraded me to EE+ resulting in a reduced cost!  I'm a little annoyed that as a customer I wasn't informed that I was effectively on the wrong package and that by upgrading I could save money.  It would be good customer service if all customers on the EE and HD Pack (old plan) were automatically transferred over. 

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Re: Entertainment Extra vs Entertainment Extra +

Hi bstk7,


Glad to see that you have the package sorted.


The pack you had was transferred to the nearest new one available. You can check here to see all the different options available.


Hope this helps and we hear from you on the forum again soon.



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Re: Entertainment Extra vs Entertainment Extra +

One thing to be aware of - if you were previously getting Sky Sports F1, you may not have it in the new bundle.
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Re: Entertainment Extra vs Entertainment Extra +

Hi, I just got off the phone with Sky. Entertainment Extra+ has all the HD channels except F1 HD. Also, if you have movies and sport, you will loose HD on those also but you can pay extra to get HD back on them. I opted to switch to EE+ which will save me £5.25/mth.

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