Edimax router- Sky on Demand issue

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Edimax router- Sky on Demand issue

Have had on demand set up using the client mode on an Edimax router


But after a while the sky box stops being able to detect any connection.  This is solved by simply turning the edimax router and then turning it back on


It then works fine.


What could be causing this?, would it be more likely to be an issue with the router - sky box connection or the edimax- home hub connection ~(wireless between the router and the hub)


Any thoughts much aqpreciated?


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Re: Edimax router- Sky on Demand issue

Good afternoon Kiera,


Thanks for getting in touch with us about the issues you seem to be having with your On Demand service at the moment.


The following steps will be able to do all we can to make sure it is not the Sky+HD box at fault, as this fault could be caused by either piece of equipment in all honesty. 


This problem may have been caused by an issue on the hard drive of your box. To fix this, we would suggest trying a planner rebuild  which will fix any errors which may be causing this. This will not affect any of your current recordings.


If this does not help, we would next suggest trying a software download, which will ensure that your box is running the most up to date version of software available for your box type.


What we would next ask you to try is to reset the network connection that you have set up at the moment. To do this, if you can:

  • Press the 'Services' button on your remote control which will display the 'Options' tab.
  • Then press the right arrow which will take you to the 'Settings' menu.
  • If you can now press the down arrow to highlight 'Picture', then scroll to the right until you have highlighted 'Network' and press 'Select'.
  • And finally press the red button on the remote control this will reset the connection. you will then be required to re-establish the connection between your box and your router. If you are connecting wirelessly, this will mean you have to enter the password for your router.


If the steps suggested previously do not help, the last thing we could ask you to try would be a full system reset, which would revert your box back to it's factory settings, resulting in all of your recordings in being deleted. The steps to do this can be found in the planner rebuild link mentioned earlier.


If you let us know how you get on with this. If they do not help at all, this would lead me to believe that the problem may be with your router, which I'm afraid we cannot assist with.



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Re: Edimax router- Sky on Demand issue

Thanks, but definately think it's an issue with the router/hub
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