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Dyndns sky router not updating ip.

I have set up a Dyndns account and put them in to the router setting but the router is not updating DynDNS with the new IP address on the router. Please help.
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Re: Dyndns sky router not updating ip.

Hi Mitchchip,


Thank you for taking the time to post on the Sky Help Forum.


Unfortunately we do not have the ability to help you with this query but other members of our community may be able to assist.


I hope you get some help shortly.



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Re: Dyndns sky router not updating ip.

If its the 2504n or the SR101 then they both do that from time to time for no apparent reason.


There are two solutions I found :


1) Reset the router to factory defaults every time it happens;


2) Use a non-Sky router.


Up to you which one you choose.

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Re: Dyndns sky router not updating ip.

This has been working for over a year but last month my DNS expired and I had to re-enable it.  This month I've got another e-mail form Dyn DNS saing it will expire due to inactivity even though its set up.  I have a few questions.


1. If the IP address does not change what is the time frame on the router periodically updating the DNS server to keep the account active.  Is there anyay to change this.

2. Also if I do this factory reset first doing a backup of the settings and then reimport to bring back my setup as I dont fancy setting up all my wifi, access lists, firewalls rules, port forwarding again will the problem come back.

3. Only one option in the drop down for DYNDNS how can I use a different dns sevice provider.


I have a sneaky suspision its actually just trying to annoy me so I use their paid service.