Don,t know my pin to watch on demand

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Don,t know my pin to watch on demand

How can I find out my pin code to watch my sky on demand box sets

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Re: Don,t know my pin to watch on demand

The pin is the last 4 numbers on your viewing card which you can find via SETTINGS > SYSTEM DETAILS on your Sky box, or you can set it to whatever you want via this link:

or here


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Re: Don,t know my pin to watch on demand

Good evening Carolynne1321,


Thank you for taking your time to contact us via the community!


Can you please let me know if you have managed to get to the bottom of finding out your PIN to watch Sky On Demand. I can see caesarome has posted detailed information to help you. It would be good to know if this helped.


Please let us know when you can.



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Re: Don,t know my pin to watch on demand

Just to let you know, I was also seeking the same information and caesarome's answer helped me find it. 


However, this is something that should be clearly explained and easy to find on my account, not something I had to do a search for, find a forum question from another similarly troubled user and hope there was an answer from yet another user. 


I obviously found my TV PIN easily enough both online and on my printed welcoming letter, but nowhere was it indicated that the last four digits were the ones that unlocked On Demand content, or at least nowhere that I could see. I tried the first four numbers out of curiosity but that obviously didn't work. As I say, this should be much clearer and more explicit both online and in written correspondence in order to avoid this sort of confusion. 

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Re: Don,t know my pin to watch on demand

Cheers for getting in touch kitsua,

I agree, you should really have been told this, I know when mine got installed the engineer let me know that it would be the last 4 digits.

At least you will now know for future reference, and thanks to caesarome for helping Smiley Happy

If you need anything else just get back in touch.

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