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Dimensions of HD Box

Just bought a new TV unit and my current sky+ box does not fit in the slot !!!  Was thinking of upgrading to HD anyway but don't want to get a box that is too big.


The sky+ box dimension for length is 379MM.  Any idea what length the HD box is ??

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Re: Dimensions of HD Box

What HD box as there are a couple, the 1TB box is smaller than the 500GB model.


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Re: Dimensions of HD Box

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If you buy from sky the dimensions will be


346mm x 255mm x 73mm amstrad drx890 (500gb)


351mm x 265mm x 73mm Amstrad drx895 (1TB)

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Re: Dimensions of HD Box

Also be aware Sky boxes like a lot of ventilation.So a tight enclosed space for your box may cause future overheating problems.

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Re: Dimensions of HD Box

Hi Baincol, 


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I just wanted to add that as we have more than one make of HD box that we can install for a customer, I would suggest having a look at the manuals that we have available for customers. The reason being is that we are unable to specify which box that you will receive on the installation. 



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