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The advisor called me on my mobile so they already had my number on the system maybe each department of sky should use the same system, then my mobile number would have automatically gone onto the printed sheet that the BT openreach engineer had with him. I did the house move online and gave my mobile number then. Obviously your call centre staff are over worked and expected to do accept a certain number of calls rather than actually providing a good customer satisfaction level. Having worked in a call centre previously myself for O2 I know exactly how you work and it's all about figures on paper rather than resolving actual problems, I will be complaining to ofcom see if they have anymore complaints from your "valued customers" and there great experiences. Your Sincerely Mr C.Deakin 

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Hi Freakin+Deakin, while our system can hold several contact number only one can be selected as primary. I apologise that the number you gave online was not passed to the engineer. It should have been made clear that as the engineers are from Openreach and not Sky someone must be in the house during the whole day/time slot we have indicated the work will take place.


If you feel you have not been given the correct information and that this was not your fault please have a chat with our home move team on live chat and see if they can help.

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Since yesterday afternoon I've had no dial tone on my sky talk landline and my broadband is continually dropping out after about 2 mins. I've unplugged everything that's into the phone line and called the house from my mobile and it rings out but there is nothing plugged in??? My contract expires in 3 weeks and I think I'll be going elsewhere as trying to get hold of customer support without a landline is almost impossible!!!
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Hi bluedragontkd,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum!


Sorry for the late response, have you managed to contact us or are you still having issues with your dial tone and broadband?


Can you possibly check our guide here to see if this helps.


If you still require assistance with this please let us know



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I have recently joined sky but I've had some problems my ex partners old internet supplier talk talk didnt cancel his phone line and broadband so I wasn't receiving sky services when I thought I was but now they have disconeccted his old phone line I'm left without any phone line or internet when I shud be coneccted to sky I cant keep ringing sky up and was told they will ring мє bk on my mobile to sort this out but so far noone has what else cαη I do to resolve my issues as I'm being billed for services I ƊƠƝƬ have
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Hi jmaning


I have replied to the other post you have made which can be found here.



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