Connecting SkyHD and Bluray when TV only has one HDMI socket/Speaker layout

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Connecting SkyHD and Bluray when TV only has one HDMI socket/Speaker layout

I'm thinking of buying a Blu Ray home cinema system - 5.1 channels. I know very little about the features of all these systems but have been doing some research. Could someone please help me with the following:


1. My TV only has one HDMI socket which is taken up with my SkyHD box. My TV also does not have an optical cable output (or any form of audio output apart from a basic jack). I want my Sky to run through the Home Cinema system as well as the built in Blu Ray. I have no other equipment to connect. what would be the best set up? Sky box to Blu Ray to TV all by HDMI or Sky box and Blu Ray to TV via a switch box with optical cable running from Sky to Blu Ray.


2. Also, would someone please look at my room layout and say if my proposed location of speakers is correct? Having the TV in the corner means the usual set up I cannot do and normally every seat is occupied.


Thanks for your help. I'm very new to this and value any help someone can give.

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Re: Connecting SkyHD and Bluray when TV only has one HDMI socket/Speaker layout

1. I assume you mean Sky+HD, the PVR, rather than SkyHD which is simply a receiver. There is an important difference between the two, in relation to your post.


Yes, if you purchase a BluRay home cinema system with HDMI inputs, you should be able to connect the HDMI cable from the Sky box to it, and connect the HDMI output from the home cinema system to the single socket on your TV. That will enable you to watch both BluRay and Sky through the one socket on your TV. Beware, though I've seen posts relating to 'handshaking' difficulties with this set up. Even if you adopt this approach, you'll still need a coaxial or optical cable from the Sky box to your home cinema system - this is because Sky+HD boxes do not output DD5.1 via the HDMI cable.


You second option of a switched HDMI input to your TV from the home cinema or Sky box, with optical connection between your Sky box and the amp should work fine.


2. I can't open your attachment, but to be honest, the setup isn't critical (unless you're a real audiophile) and a decent home cinema system will enable you to vary the outputs from each speaker to compensate to some extent for your room layout.