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Connect to tv

Why can't I watch my sky go when I connect to my tv? This is very very frustrating. I pay allot of money to sky,it's not like there are loads of channels to choose from,but the whole reason I got the app was to connect to my tv. Why can't I?
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Re: Connect to tv

The question has been asked many times, and Sky say that it because of the demands of the rights holders.


It is suggested that Sky do it to stop people using Sky Go as a cheap alternative to multiroom. But Sky have never said that. Moreover, they only stop it on mobile devices, and not on SKy Go on laptops/Pcs which do allow a TV connection, so multiroom alone cannot be the excuse.


Like many things with Sky, there is often not a satisfactory reason for their actions, and it is simply a case of lump it or leave it as far as they are concerned.  

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