Connect to a VPN from my Sky Hub

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Connect to a VPN from my Sky Hub

I'm trying to connect to a VPN I created on my rented VPS and I can't, although I've tried about 25 different tutorials...


I tried with PPTP and OpenVPN servers and nothing is working...


But the weird thing is that I have a VPN in my work and I connect without problems! The only difference is that my office's VPN is IPSEC/L2TP...


So, my question is: is there any restrictions on the type of VPN I can connect to from my Sky Hub? Or is it just that I didn't set up my VPN correctly?

Another additional detail is that a few months ago I was able to connect to a simple VPN I had created using just Windows 7, but since some weeks ago I can't connect to that VPN either...


I have this Sky HUB:

  • Model: SR101
  • Firmware Version: 1.15j.2639.R
  • ADSL Firmware Version: A2pD035o.d24


And my VPS is Virtuozzo, OpenVZ container (SolusVM) with CentOS 6 (I can install Ubuntu12.04 or Debian6 as well). I have the TUN/TAP and PPP correctly enabled in my server. I contacted support team of my host and they said that they have other clients running VPNs with no problems...


Please I need help desesperately!

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Hi,   It seems like Sky do not allow VPN over it's networ...



It seems like Sky do not allow VPN over it's network. I am new to Sky Broadband (Came from BT), last week I was able to Download from my VPN at my line rate; but now on Sky I struggle to get 512kbps.


Sky - Can you answer the reason as to why your IT Structure does not allow (restricts) VPN Passthrough, If your answer is "Contact your VPN Admin" please do not use this reply as this is an issue over the Sky Broadband network (VPN Servers are operating correctly).

Added - - I have just found I have added my VPN to the allowed list in Advanced features (at the bottom) I will see if this works over the next few days.



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